How to Get Rid of Pain in the Arm and Tingling Hands

Your hands are constantly tingling, and your fingers fall asleep frequently? Or do you suffer from pain in your arm that extends to your shoulder? Either way, your symptoms are rarely caused by severe nerve damage or nerve disorders (neuropathies), but more often by shortened muscles and fasciae, which cause increased pressure and tension in your body. What happens in between the cervical spine and your fingers is explained to you by Roland Liebscher-Bracht in this video. Additionally, you’ll find the three most effective exercises for arm pain and tingling hands below.
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Stop Your Tingling and Arm Pain With These Exercises

A man is stretching his wrists by placing his palms on a table and stepping away from it

Stand at the edge of a table and put both palms of your hands down. Now turn the right hand around so that the fingertips are pointing towards the leg. Move into a lunge position so that you can stand safely and stably in this exercise. Now move back step by step so that you completely extend your right arm. Make sure that your palm remains on the table and does not lift off. Stay in this position for two to two and a half minutes and then slowly come back to the front. Gently move your wrist until it feels relaxed again. Do you also have problems with your left side? Then do the exercise again for the other side.

A woman is leaning against a wall with her arms up high to stretch her shoulder

Find a corner, stand upright, and spread your arms. Put your hands a little above shoulder height on the walls and stay upright. Now lean towards the corner with your upper body – keep your hands and arms outstretched against the wall. Stay in this position for two to three minutes and try to deepen the stretch after each breath. If the stretch is too intensive for you at the beginning, you can also place one foot closer to the wall to take some pressure off your shoulders.

A man is using a facia roll to loosen tension in his arm

Stand at a wall and pick up a mini foam roller. Now position the palm of your aching hand on the roller and place your other hand over it so that you can apply enough pressure. Now roll slowly and with maximum pressure over your wrist to your elbow. Use your body weight for this exercise. It is important that the elbow of your aching arm is bent so that you can stretch it further forward.

When you have reached the elbow, align the roller with the front of your arm and place the back of your hand on the roller. Use your other hand to support the foam roller and roll slowly along your forearm with maximum pressure. It is also important that the elbow remains bent.

When Should You See a Doctor?

Better safe than sorry. If in doubt, you should always have your neurologist or orthopedic surgeon check your tingling hands. This is especially true if the sensation

  • occurs and you suffer from diabetes,
  • happens suddenly and for no apparent reason,
  • is quite strong,
  • stops for more than a few minutes and/or
  • recurs at certain intervals.

If impairments such as sudden paralysis and numbness occur on one side of the body (e.g., of the arm or one half of the face) or affect the entire half of the body, there is a level one alert. Such hemiplegia, sometimes accompanied by vision and speech problems and headaches, can be a sign of a stroke and require immediate medical attention. Even if such symptoms and disorders disappear on their own, you should definitely have the background clarified by a specialist to rule out permanent nerve damage.

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