Do you still think muscle building helps with back pain?

Be honest: Do you believe that muscle building will prevent back problems and also help with acute pain? What if we tell you that this assumption is not quite correct. Sure, strength training flexes and challenges one’s muscle but it is not the main and first way to treat your back pain. Precisely the opposite. In this video we will share with you in which cases strength training and muscle building will help your back and what training you should try instead. 
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Strength Training For Back Pain? Try These Three Exercises Instead

A woman is trying to bring her groin down to get rid of her back pain

Kneel on a soft surface, go on all fours and align yourself in this position. Stand with your arms shoulderwide apart and stretch your elbows through so that you have a firm grip with your arms. Now walk back with your knees until you can let your lower back sag further and further down. Now try to bring your groin further down with each breath. You should find a position that is still bearable for you in terms of your pain. The important thing is that you bring the groin further into the stretching position bit by bit. Stay in your chosen position for two to three minutes. After this exersice get into the child’s position for the countermovement.

A woman is lying on her back to relax her muscles

Lie with your back on a soft surface and make yourself very long. Now pull your chin further and further towards the larynx, so that you can get to the mat with your cervical spine. Also, try to lower your lumbar spine so that you relax your back muscles and hip flexors. Stay in this position for two to three minutes.

A man is using a fascia foam roll to ease the tension in his back

Grab the (fascia-fit) foam roller from our set and place it under your buttocks. Now roll up very slowly over your lumbar spine to your cervical spine. Build up as much pressure as possible by shifting your weight onto the (fascia-fit) foam roller. Do this exercise for two to three minutes during the day – whenever you feel pressure and watn to relax your back.

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