How to Get Rid of Thoracic Spine Pain in Minutes

Thoracic spine pain can substantially affect your everyday wellbeing and movement. To ease physical complaints and get rid of the pain for good, you can rely on effective stretching exercises — instead of medication or operations. In this video, Roland Liebscher-Bracht shows you three easy exercises that can help with your pain in minutes. 
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Get Rid of Your Chest Pain with These Three Exercises

A woman lying flat on her back on a mat.

Lie with your back on a soft surface and stretch your body. Now take a foam roller and place it under your back, roughly opposite your rib cage. Make sure that your buttocks and head touch the surface so that you can intensify the stretching. In this position, wiggle on the roll and stretch. Stay in this position for more than three minutes.

A woman is stretching her chest and shoulders by placing both her palms on chairs to get into a stretch for the uppder body

Get two chairs and place them far enough apart to be able to put your hands on the seats still. Now place a soft pad between the two chairs, kneel on it and place your palms on the seats. Ensure that your arms and back do not form a straight line and that your upper body is still slightly above the outstretched arms. Keep your elbows stretched all the time. Now lower your upper body to the floor as far as you can bear the pain and leave your hands on the chairs. Breathe in and out steadily. Whenever you exhale, bend a little more toward the floor. Hold this position for two to three minutes.

A woman is holding her breath in order to get rid of acid reflux

Breathe in real deep and exhale as loud and powerful as possible. Just imagine that you are blowing out birthday candles. As you breathe out, bend forward to make sure all the air gets out of your lungs. The more air gets out, the more effective this exercise is and the more stretched your diaphragm will be. As soon as you breathe out all the air, close both your nose and mouth and try to suck in air to create a vacuum. By doing so, your diaphragm is getting a nice and needed stretch. Repeat as often as you like.

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