Did You Know: This Muscle Is Responsible for 89% of All Hip Pain Occurrences

Sitting, walking, lying down – your hip pain is present in every situation? Medication doesn’t help, and you have no idea how to ease the pain? Let us share a secret with you: when it comes to hip pain, chances are that one specific muscle is responsible for your troubles. As this muscle causes 89% of most hip problems, it requires all the attention. In our new video, we will show you one easy exercise and a way to treat yourself with our pain-free tools. You will see how sitting, walking, and even lying down can get easier with every exercise – all without medication.
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Alleviate Your Hip Pain with These Two Exercises

A woman is stretching her legs to get rid of hip pain

Stand upright in front of a wall and position your feet hip-wide apart with your toes pointing forward. Now move your right foot about one and a half steps back — your knee remains fully extended. Make sure that your right foot is exactly pointing to the wall and not angled outwards. Now bend your left knee as far as possible, but without moving your right heel from the ground. Always keep your right knee fully extended in between. The stretching pain is then felt in the upper calf up to the hollow of the knee. Hold this position, while you move your right forefoot against the ground with increasing pressure. But you may only build up so much force that your heel does not lift off. Bend your left knee as far as possible again, but with your heel planted firmly on the floor. Your hip’s other side is troubling you as well? Perform this exercise as written but with the other foot.

A woman is using a facia fit foam roller to get rid of her hip pain

Sit upright, bend your left leg, and extend your right leg. Now hold a mini massage ball or a similar object to the inside of your left thigh. Once there, search for particularly painful spots in this area. Roll slowly but with maximum pressure for about three minutes in this zone. Afterwards, perform this pain-relief exercise on the right side as described above.

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