This Posture Causes Neck Tension — Do THESE Exercises for Relief

If you suffer from neck pain, you surely want to get rid of it as soon as possible. One of the ways to achieve this is by doing the right exercises. In this video, we will show you specific and therapeutical exercises to expand or preserve the range of motion and elasticity in your affected cervical joints. Try it yourself and experience relief of stiffness and pain within minutes. You not only need exercises for your neck but other parts of your body as well? Find us on YouTube and check out our latest videos. Every Thursday, we’ll upload a new one.

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Need More Info? Practice Our Exercises Step by Step at Home With This Guide

Neck pain is common, and in most cases, there is no need to be concerned. Usually, an aching neck gets better as soon as you treat the responsible area. With the following exercises, you have the best training sequence to keep your neck pain-free and flexible. As a general rule, neck stretching is best done every day, and some stretches you can do several times a day. Try the exercises straight away and feel the powers of your body.

A woman is stretching her neck by pulling her head forward
Sit upright on your knees or a chair. Keep your head and upper body completely straight and pull your chin down. Now bend your head forward as far as possible and keep it close to your chest. Take both arms to support your head in this position and place your palms on your head’s back. This way, you can intensify the stretch. Hold this position for two to three minutes.
A woman is lying on her back, a tool placed beneath her shoulderblades in order to stretch her spine and neck area

Take a book or our knee hero as a pad and put it underneath your shoulder blades. Please place it in a way that the edge of the book or the knee hero is close to the beginning of your cervical spine. To avoid overstretching your cervical spine, put another book or one part of the knee hero under your head. Get comfortable in this position, and enjoy the stretch. Stay like this for two to three minutes.

A woman is lying on her back and stretching her neck area by pulling her chin forward to her chest.

Do you want to maximize the effect of this exercise and get your neck an extra stretch? In this case, stay in the position and place your hand on your chin. Now pull your head towards your larynx to get your cervical spine into a straightening position. Again, stay like this for two to three minutes.


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