Simone Moir

Stress Coach and Pain Specialist
40 derby street
G3 7TG Glasgow

Telefon: 07789813481

Qualifikationen nach Liebscher & Bracht


Was sind die Qualifikationen nach Liebscher & Bracht?



Über mich

Having started at the tender age of 12years, health, wellbeing and pain management has been a big focus of mine.

I have devoted my life to seek balance and help individuals on their path to greater wellbeing.

She has been training in Germany, N.Z., Canada, India and the US

over 22 Years she has developed as one of the top

Yoga Therapists, Holistic Stress Coaches & Pain specialists in the country.

Simone knows that the answer to healing lies within you and no outside job will ever be the whole answer.

Participation in homework is essential.


Having added a new string to her bow as the first fully certified Liebscher and Bracht Pain specialist in the U.K finding answers to arthritic pain and more.

She works mainly in a 1-2-1 environment 

invited people from all over the world for her Life-style reset programs.

Also Offers CORPORATE health programs.

She passionately supports Families and Nursery and School staff with further training in incorporating yoga into lives.





10 months One on One teacher training in Auckland New Zealand

Residential yoga tuition with senior Yoga Teacher Judith Folkard 30 years of teaching experience in Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga (more than 2000 contact hours)

Intense Massage training

New Zealand Swedish, Yoga Thai, Metamorphic Massage Jin Shin Jyutsu. Germany Healing hands technique with Birgitta Meinhardt

Soul travel and Meditation tuition

1 year with Robin White eagle N. Z.

Mysore India Ashtanga Yoga research institute (ayri).

Direct student of Guruji Pattabhi Jois

University for yoga therapy in Nasik India Yoga Teacher Training Course (certified)

Guru Sir Vishwas Mandlik Yoga Teacher Training Course. Internationally Recognized Course (over 500 hrs)

Teacher Training in Yoga Therapy

Bihar school of yoga. Yoga, Ayurveda & Naturopathy practices for treatment of various diseases.

Psychic protection and basic kinesiology (over 150 hrs)

Reiki (certified). All 6 Levels Advanced to Universal Masters level over the last three years in Glasgow,

Bars Access Consciousness practitioner, May Johnstone, Bridge of Allan, Stirling

BYS – Kids Yoga qualification, 2008

Neufeld Institute, understanding pre-schoolers, Vancouver

Kids Rainbow Yoga – Teacher training, Amsterdam

IET – Integral Energy Therapy advanced Practitioner, Scotland

L&B – Pain Specialist, Liebscher & Bracht, Germany

I have worked with the leading yoga teachers in the world

  • Donna Farhi, New Zealand Hatha Yoga
  • David Swenson, Edinburgh Ashtanga Teacher Training
  • Guenter von Hagen, Bodyworlds Anatomy
  • Hamish Hendry, London Ashtanga
  • Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Mumbai India Vedas and Sutras
  • Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, Bihar India Yoga Therapy
  • Shiva Rea, Yoga Rhythms Edinburgh
  • Vinyasa Flow Baron Baptiste Vancouver Power Yoga
  • Paul Grilley, Vancouver Anatomy and Yoga
  • David Williams, Maui Ashtanga
  • John Scott, Edinburgh Ashtanga
  • Claire Tomlins, Psychic Protection, College Glasgow
  • Patrick Holford, Glasgow Nutrition
  • Ross Bridgford, Alkalise your life Nutrition intensive
  • Kenji Kumara, Attunements and Meditation techniques
  • Bruce Muzik, Love at first fight – relationship
  • Feng shui Level 3, Diamond Feng Shui, Belgium
  • Raya meditation, BK’s Oxford and Inner space Glasgow
  • Nick Fuller, Labyrinth and Shamanism
  • May Johnstone, Access consciousness Bars Practitioner Workshop
  • And many more…